Simply Special

53. Pla Sam Rod £12.95
Crispy Fish fillets in light batter with sweet chilli sauce and seasonal vegetables.

54. Ped Makam £10.95
Crispy Duck with tamarind sauce base on crispy noodle.

55. Khao Soi (Curry Noodle)

Egg noodles in popular Thai northern style curry, with Chinese leaves, spring onion and coriander, topped with fresh bean sprouts.

Chicken or Pork £9.95
Beef or Prawn £10.95
Duck £11.95
Vegetable or Tofu £9.95

56. Mama Kung Mae Naam £15.95
Stir fried big fresh water prawns(no shell) with cashew nuts, pepper, onion, spring onion, mushroom and mangetout in mild chilli paste sauce, based with egg noodles.

57. Pla Neung Sie-Eew £12.95
Steamed Sea bass fillets with a touch of rice wine and sesame oil in soya sauce, topped with spring onion, celery and ginger.

58. Gang Massaman Kha Gae (Lamb shank Massaman curry) £13.95
Succulent lamb shank in aromatic spices and flavourful Massaman curry.

59. Kung Mae Naam Kra Tiem Prik Thai £13.95
Stir fried Big fresh river prawns with young pepper corn, onion and pepper in special Thai style garlic and black pepper sauce.

60. Chu Chi Kung Mae Naam £13.95
Big fresh water prawns in dry Chu Chi curry sauce.

61. Gai Yang Kha Min £9.95
Grilled marinated whole chicken breast with blended Thai herbs (lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves, coriander, chilli, garlic and turmeric).

62. Mixed Seafood Pad Chaa £10.95
Stir fried mixed seafood with chilli, Krachai, lemongrass, garlic and basil leaves.

63. Pad Kra-Prao Pla Muk £8.95
Stir fried squids with basil leaves, green beans, pepper, chilli and garlic.

64. Kiew Waan Talay £10.95
Stir fried dry green curry with mixed seafood, green beans, aubergine, pepper, baby corn, Krachai and basil leaves.

65. Gang Kiew Waan Rad Pla Kra Pong Dang £11.95
Deep fried Red Snapper fillet, topped with green beans, pepper and basil leaves in green curry sauce.

66. Ka Nar Pla Kem £8.95
Stir fried sliced smoked mackerel with cabbage, green leaves and garlic in fish sauce.

67. Pla Neung Ma Now £12.95
Steamed Sea bass fillets amd Chinese leaves, topped with sour & spicy chilli lime dressing.

68. Pla Rad Pad Prik Khing £12.95
Deep fried Red Snapper fillet, topped with stir fried creamy red curry paste with green bean, peppers and finely chopped Kaffir lime leaves.